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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who has been affected by fraudulent tax returns?

All faculty and staff are encouraged to identify if they have had a fraudulent return submitted in their name.  Students are also encouraged to call the IRS. To date, no students have been identified who have been affected. 

2. How can I contact the IRS?

To find out if you are personally affected, call the IRS at (800) 908-4490, ext. 245. The unit office is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

3. What can I do to protect myself?

To help protect your identity, we are offering a free, one-year membership of Experian's® ProtectMyID® Alert. This product helps detect possible misuse of your personal information and provides you with superior identity protection support focused on immediate identification and resolution of identity theft. 

The membership is available to current employees, retirees and most individuals previously employed at UNI over the past five years.  There is no indication that students or graduate assistants have been affected so the service is limited to those currently or previously employed as a non-student employee.

4. How can I activate my credit protection through Experian?

Employees have until May 31, 2014 to activate their one-year membership in Experian’s ProtectMyId credit protection. 

Activate ProtectMyID Now in two easy steps:

  1. Visit the ProtectMyID Web Site to enroll:

    PROVIDE Your Activation Code: You may access your code through MyUNIverse or by picking up a letter at the Cashier’s office in Gilchrist. Please bring an ID with you to get your letter.
  2. Call 877-371-7902 to enroll over the phone.  Have your activation code available. 

Retirees and former employee’s letters were mailed March 3, 2014.

We encourage you to enroll online. It is simple, convenient and available 24/7.

If you have problems with your activation code, please call the UNI information line at 273-5700 for assistance. 

Either way you choose to register for ProtectMyID, you must activate this service by 11:59 pm ET on May 31, 2014.

5. What information will I need to provide to Experian to activate the service?

When registering, you will need to provide Experian with personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number

Experian asks for personal information — such as your social security number — so that your identity can be verified during the registration process and future log-ins. This is strictly a security measure to ensure no one else has access to your information.

6. How was employee information accessed?

The university continues to investigate possible sources of the information. We are working with external experts and local law enforcement, including the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Cedar Falls Police Department.  The Internal Revenue Service has been notified and is actively working on this issue as well.

7. How is the university responding?

The university has formed an investigative task force that includes law enforcement, functional and IT leadership, and external experts. We are notifying the campus community and those who were previously affiliated with the university as faculty or staff.

In addition, the university is offering a year of free credit monitoring for all three credit bureaus to current faculty, staff and those who were employed at the university within the past five years.

Do I need to worry about my banking information or other personal accounts?

Employees are encouraged to review the information on the IRS web site at and specifically at the following link:,-Victims-about-Identity-Theft-and-Tax-Returns-2014.  Follow the recommendations provided.  This includes completing IRS form 14039 and  contacting the Federal Trade Commission.

The university has also notified our service providers, including Wellmark, Delta Dental, TIAA-CREF, IPERS, ASIFlex, Principal, Avesis and Genworth of this situation, and they will be extra vigilant with UNI employee’s transactions. 

8. I’m already using Target’s credit monitoring service. Do I need to use the service offered by UNI?

You don’t have to use the UNI service, but are encouraged to do so.  The service provided to faculty and staff monitors all three credit bureaus. Some have indicated they are using the Target service for now, and will activate their UNI code before the expiration date of May 31, 2014, thereby providing a few extra months of service.

9. I’ve heard “freezing” my credit report is a good way to protect my accounts, but it costs $10 to do so. Any advice?

If you are a victim of identity theft, file a police report and submit that report to Experian. They will waive their fee. More information is available at