Welcome to UNI's home page for non-traditional students! At the University of Northern Iowa, non-traditional students are identified as:

  • students 25 years old or older

  • students with children

  • part-time students (6 hours or less)

  • students who did not attend college directly after high school

If you are beginning or continuing a college degree program on our campus, we invite you to explore your options to assist you in making your educational goals a reality.


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We are happy you are continuing your education at UNI. Getting started or resuming a college program can seem overwhelming, but it's not as complicated as you may think. UNI staff will help you with the process of admission and guide you through registration. After you are enrolled, many other advisers and counselors can help you get the services you need to reach your educational goals.

We invite you to take the first step and make a phone call that will change your life. We can help you through the administrative details, answer your questions about where to begin, and provide personalized assistance. Helping people reach their educational goals is our goal.

Browse through the UNI homepage, get a feel for the University, and then call 273-2281 or 1-800-772-2037. We're ready to answer all your questions.