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McNair Scholars Program


Below are the participants in our 2014 Summer Research Internship program and a brief description of the research they conducted.

Brittnie Dotson Headshot

Brittnie Dotson
Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry

Research:  Atrazine is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the U.S. While effective on target plants, it has been associated with harmful effects on non-target organisms such as humans. Atrazine is a frequent contaminant in groundwater and produces several metabolites. To determine if Atrazine metabolites induce acute toxicity in non-target humans cells, human liver cell proliferation assays will be performed.

Vanessa Espinoza Headshot

Vanessa Espinoza
Major: Spanish Teaching

Research:  While the Hispanic population increases, so should the enrollment rate in college. Although the enrollment seems to increase, the numbers seem to be lower than other ethnic populations. I seek to find out how first generation Latinos in a Midwestern University overcome the odds to go to college. This study will focus on: the path Latino students have to go through before attending college, similarities in their culture and life at home and school (struggles, adversity, and discrimination) and their attribution to success.