UNI Family,

I wanted to update you on some recent TIER developments. The Board of Regents has selected two consulting firms to assist with implementation of a series of cost-saving measures at the three public universities.

TIER identified 12 administrative business cases for potential savings in Human Resources, Finance, IT and Facilities.

Huron Consulting Group was selected to implement the Sourcing and Procurement business case. For implementation of the Human Resources, Finance and IT business cases, the Board has accepted proposals submitted by the universities. Additionally, the Board will retain Chazey Partners to lend expertise and advice to the institutions during implementation.

The Board is currently reviewing proposals submitted by consulting firms for the academic review. A firm will be selected by Feb. 13 with the review to begin in March.

Thank you again for your participation in this process. Please remember that if reductions in positions are identified, the university will work to reassign responsibilities and create efficiencies through attrition or phased retirements.

More information about the latest TIER news is available on UNI's Efficiency and Transformation Study website.

Purple for Life!

Bill Ruud