Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education


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The CHGE originally began as the UNI Holocaust Remembrance and Education Committee in the Fall of 2006 with the idea of a three semester catalogue of events. The image to the right was created by Roy Behrens, an art professor at UNI, for the committee.

After the enormous success of these events, the Committee continued on, and in January of 2009 was renamed the UNI Holocaust and Genocide Education Committee. The fantastic work of this committee led to the creation of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education in 2010. 

This archive shows all major previous programs and activities from the beginnings of what we know today as the CHGE.

Original Holocaust and Genocide Education Committee (HGEC)

Harry BrodDepartment of Philosophy and World Religions

Reinhold Bubser, Former Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Thomas Connors, Department of History

Stephen Gaies, HGEC Chair, Department of English Language and Literature

Elana Joram, Department of Educational Psychology & Foundations

Jay T. Lees, Department of History

Donna Maier, Department of History

Laura J. Praglin, Department of Social Work

Jerome Soneson, Department of Philosophy & World Religions

Jason Weinberger, Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Music Director

Siegrun Wildner, Department of Modern Languages

"Memoirs, Representations and History"
Series poster and brochure designed by Roy R. Behrens, Graphic Design Program, UNI Department of Art. 
Holocaust image copyright © by Roy R. Behrens.