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Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education

April 15, 2011 (Volume 1, Issue 4)

University of Northern Iowa

Center for
Holocaust and
Genocide Education


 Volume 1  •  Issue 4  •  April 15, 2011


Now through June 4, Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum 
(Grout Museum District), Waterloo
To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, the Grout Museum District and the CHGE are sponsoring an exhibit, “Pursuing Justice: Nuremberg’s Legacy.” The exhibit was created by the Florida Holocaust Museum. Related events, including a presentation by Gregory S. Gordon, an expert in international humanitarian law and justice and a film series on the Nuremberg Trials, have been organized. See a poster listing these events as well as information about the exhibit.

Norman Cohn Family Holocaust Remembrance and Education Lecture
Monday, April 25, 7:30 p.m.
Bengtson Auditorium, Russell Hall, UNI
"An Evening with Madame F." performance/lecture by Claudia Stevens. This event is free and open to the public. See the flyer for this event.

Friday, April 22, 1 p.m.
Curris Business Building 126, UNI
“Current Issues in International Law and Justice,” presentation by Gregory S. Gordon, director of the Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies at the University of North Dakota and professor in the UND School of Law. As part of his presentation, Professor Gordon will discuss career opportunities in the areas of international relations, law and justice. This event is co-sponsored by the CHGE and the UNI Center for International Peace and Security Studies. See the flyer for this event.

Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony
Tuesday, May 3, 7 p.m.
Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum (Grout Museum District), Waterloo
The fifth annual Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in the Cedar Valley will be organized around the theme of the 2011 Days of Remembrance (May 1-8), “Justice and Accountability in the Face of Genocide: What Have We Learned?” This event is free and open to the public.

Teaching About the Holocaust and the Iowa Core Curriculum
Wednesday, June 15, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Innovative Teaching and Technology Center, UNI
Workshop funded and led by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for Iowa teachers of social studies. Learn more.


Twice a month, International Justice Tribune, the only free online magazine covering international criminal justice, publishes investigative articles and interviews about world-wide efforts to try war criminals, from the International Criminal Court to domestic courts. Subscribe online.

Many states mandate education about the Holocaust and other genocides. Beginning in this issue, every other issue of news exCHanGE will profile of a state which requires teaching about the Holocaust and other genocides. We begin with New Jersey.

In 1994 the New Jersey legislature passed an act mandating Holocaust/genocide education for all New Jersey schools. The legislation expanded the role of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, which had been created by earlier legislation, to recommend curricular materials to local districts. In 1996, the Commission endorsed other curricula which could be used in the study of genocide, including the Great Irish Famine, the Armenian Experience, the Cambodian and Native American Genocide, along with the Ukrainian atrocity by the Russians. A variety of curriculum guides and materials for teaching such subjects as the Holocaust, the Nanking Massacre, slavery and genocide and the genocide in Darfur are available from the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education online. 


Five Ivory Coast Generals Pledge Allegiance to President Day After Arrest of Strongman Leader
Five generals pledged their loyalty to President Alassane Ouattara following the capture of the country’s strongman leader, Laurent Gbagbo, as French and Ivorian forces worked to eliminate the last pockets of resistance. More than 1 million civilians fled their homes and untold numbers were killed in the more than four-month power struggle between the two rivals. The standoff threatened to re-ignite a civil war in the world’s largest cocoa producer, once divided in two by violence nearly a decade ago. Read more...

City of Joy: New Hope for Congo's Brutalised Women
Eastern Congo is the rape capital of the world and the worst place on earth to be a woman. Katharine Viner reports on a radical new centre that promises its citizens a better future. Read more...

Suffering in The Congo “Seems To Be Anonymous”
During the past 15 years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been ravaged by a series of wars that have left more than 5 million people dead and at least 2 million more displaced. The central African nation has become one of the deadliest killing fields seen since the end of World War II. Yet the series of Congolese conflicts has drawn less attention in the U.S. and Europe than mass slaughters in places such as Darfur and Rwanda that resulted in far fewer deaths. Read more...

Why Humanitarian Wars Can Go So Wrong
All wars are terrifying gambles, but the wars justified with moral claims of humanitarianism carry a distinctively harrowing set of risks and problems — above all, the challenge of preventing massive human catastrophes with limited means. In Libya, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama are already beginning to confront many of the classic dilemmas that bedeviled their predecessors facing massacres and genocide in Somalia, Bosnia and Rwanda. Read more...

Exhibition About the History of the Rwandan Genocide Set Up in Kigali Stadium 
Celebrating the 17th anniversary of the genocide, Rwanda has set up in April its first giant exhibition on the history of the massacres in Kigali stadium. "I lost my life in the genocide" reads the inscription at the entrance of the exhibition, next to a big picture of a 7-year old killed on April 11, 1994. Read more...

The Eccentricity of Evil: A Khmer Rouge Leader Goes on Trial
If a courtroom is a theater, the star of the show at Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal for the past two years has been a gaunt and balding former math teacher whose favorite word to describe himself is "meticulous." Kaing Guek Eav, best known by the revolutionary alias Duch, is also a war criminal and mass killer. Read more...

50 Years Later, Israel Museum Exhibit Showcases Trial That Changed Attitudes Toward Holocaust
Fifty years after the landmark trial of Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann began, Israel marked the event that ushered in a new era of openness toward the Holocaust and its survivors with an exhibition that highlights the man and his murderous legacy. The exhibit at Israel’s official Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem is titled “With Me Here Are Six Million Accusers,” a quote attributed to Eichmann prosecutor Gideon Hausner.Read more..

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